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Jon Hammond Show 0805

July 30, 2017

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Show 0805

Jon’s archive

Publication date 2017-07-30
Language English
Jon Hammond Show cable access TV weekly program on MNN TV Manhattan Neighborhood Network Channel 1, 34th year for 0805 –

First segment
Mothertone Party first night White Onions by Jon Hammond Band organ combo with Chuggy Carter percussion, Kayleigh Moyer drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond Sk1 organ bass – spcl. thanks Michael TurnerDawn MoyerBig Shotz Nashville – mix Skylar Leigh Duval – first night of Summer NAMM Show
#Mothertone #SummerNAMM #BigShotzNashville #HammondOrgan #Onions
Second segment
Czechoslovakian Salsa in Nashville Summer NAMM Hammond Stand Number 523 – Jon Hammond at the Hammond XK-5 System organ, with Joe Berger guitar, Steven Eaklor XK-5, Chuggy Carter percussion on the Mothertone cajón, John “Sax” Williams alto – special thanks Steve Simmons Hammond Organ USA, Thomas Pistone & John Riddle #SummerNAMM #NAMMShow #HammondOrgans #XK5 — at Nashville Music City Center
Third segment

Jon Hammond Funk Unit Reverb Stage, Summer NAMM, Nashville Tennessee, Funk, Jazz, Blues
Joe Berger Guitarist
Cord Martin Tenor Saxoponist
Roland Barber Trombonist
Louis Flip Winfield Drummer
Chuggy Carter Percussionist
Jon Jon Hammond Organ
*Audio recorded on TASCAM #DR100MKIII – special thanks Greg Herreman & Ken Freeman production managers, Crash & Brian audio board and stage crew
As Seen on Jon Hammond Show Television Show 34th year
Reverb Stage Summer NAMM Show Nashville Music City Center

— at NAMM

Fourth segment
exclusive interview Harry Shearer and Jon Hammond at American Eagle Awards during Summer NAMM Show – honorees, Crystal Gayle, Patti Smith & Harry Shearer
Fifth Segment
Melody Without Name (with photos by Elmar Lemes) Jon Hammond Band

*with photos by Elmar Lemes — Melody Without Name Jon Hammond BandJazzkeller Frankfurt – Note: Jon’s organ is powered by Markbass Bass Amps house combo bass amp only – Joe Berger guitar, Peter Klohmann tenor saxophone, Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Jon Hammond
Sk1 Hammond organ – this is Jon Hammond and Joe Berger’s 31st
consecutive musikmesse traditional warm up party and Jon’s 64th birthday
party with many friends in the house in world famous jazzkeller Frankfurt
Jon’s birthday Chocolate Chocolate Cake baked by the best bakery in Frankfurt Saray Pastanesi on the Mainzer Landstrasse Frankfurt, Germany original composition by Jon Hammond ©JON HAMMOND International @hammondcast

— with Peter Klohmann and Joe Berger at Jazzkeller

Jon Hammond Show 0722

July 19, 2017

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Show 0722

Jon’s archive

Jon Hammond Show broadcast 07 22 on Manhattan Neighborhood Network -MNN channel 1 with exclusive interview Harry Shearer and Jon Hammond at American Eagle Awards during Summer NAMM Show
– honorees, Crystal Gayle, Patti Smith & Harry Shearer with musical
performances “Believe in Music” NAMM Motto *NOTE: Namm President CEO
Joe Lamond plays drums along with Patti Smith backed up by Paul Shaffer,
Harry Shearer playing bass, Crystal Gayle vocals, also Jon Hammond Show
opening with live NAMM performance with Bernard Purdie drums and ending
up in Frankfurt Germany ‘Melody Without Name” Jon Hammond Band in

Harry Shearer Interview with Jon Hammond

L to R Joe Berger, Jon Hammond, Chuggy Carter, Steven Eaklor – Jon Hammond is playing the XK-5 System Hammond organ with model 3300W Leslie Speaker at Hammond Organ USA Stand number 523 Summer NAMM Nashville Music City Center – image by Luca Serenelli of Orla, good friend!

Harry Shearer accepting the American Eagle Award – organist Paul Shaffer one of the presenters

American Eagle Awards Honorees: Patti Smith, Harry Shearer, Crystal Gayle

Jon Hammond and Harry Shearer post interview photo in green room

NAMM Best in Show Host / Downbeat Editor Frank Alkyer – Jon Hammond

Hammond Organs USA Stand number 523 group shot, L to R Steven Eaklor, Joe Berger, Steve Simmons, Jon Hammond, Robby Robinson, Chuggy Carter, Kevin Syler

Mothertone group photo, L to R: Bernard Purdie, Michael Turner, Jon Hammond, Kayleigh Moyer

Stuart Robertson Photos Jon Hammond Funk Unit Summer NAMM

Photo by Stuart Robinson

Stuart Robertson Creative Director NAMM Photos of Jon Hammond Funk Unit Summer NAMM Show music performances in Nashville, Tennessee – Nashville Music City Center – big thanks Stuart for these beautiful photos!

Joe Berger guitar, Chuggy Carter GON BOPS percussion, Cord Martin tenor saxophone, Roland Barber trombone, Louis Flip Winfield drums, Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond organ + bass

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