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Cannonball Adderley Tribute Jon Hammond Band NDR Horns in Hamburg Germany

May 19, 2017

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Cannonball Adderley Tribute Jon Hammond Band NDR Horns in Hamburg Germany

Jon’s archive

Jazz Funk Tribute to Cannonball Adderley and Lutz Büchner​ NDR Horns Jon Hammond Band​ – Auster Jazz Series concert Hamburg Eimsbüttel

Funky Heinz Lichius​ drums, Michael Leuschner​ trumpet, Lutz Büchner tenor, Ernst-Friedrich Fiete Felsch​ alto, Joe Berger​ guitar, Jon Hammond​ organ bass – special thanks Nicolai Ditsch for operating the camera, this concert was filmed in High Definition – Frank Blume, Torsten Wendt – Knut Benzner NDR Redaktion – Musik Rotthoff​ support – in Auster Bar Eimsbüttel Hamburg Germany

Jon Hammond Kicks Off 3PM Summer NAMM Show Terrace Stage Show Nashville Thursday July 13

Jon Hammond Funk Unit

San Francisco

As Seen on Jon Hammond Show Television Show 34th year – Musician
Lineup: Joe Berger – guitar Chuggy Carter – congas & percussion
Roland Barber – trombone, trumpet, sea shell Cord Martin – tenor
saxophone Louis Flip Winfield – drums Jon Hammond – Hammond organ Lee
Oskar – harmonica – special guest (Low Rider Band / Original Member of
WAR) Special thanks: Greg Herreman Productions Manager, Joe Lamond
President CEO NAMM, TV Jones Guitars & Pickups


 Performance Info

Thursday, July 13, 2017 – 3:00pm to 3:40pm
NAMM Terrace Stage (Parking Level)

Artist Info

Tenor Saxoponist
Louis ‘Flip’
Leslie ‘Chuggy’
**Possible Lee Oskar, still waiting for confirmation    
Jon Hammond here with Ray Gerlich – long-time Hammond Organ USA Technical Manager


Jon Hammond Allstar Band with special guest Lee Oskar Center Stage concert musikmesse ProLight + Sound 2017 with photographs by master photographers Andreas Meer and Dita Vollmond also Bernie Capicchiano. Peter Klohmann tenor saxophone, Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond organ + bass, Lee Oskar harmonica

– special events announcer Eleftherios Mavros, special thanks Wolfgang Lücke, Johannes Weber, Christopher Sparkes, Anke Lich, Ilona Schlesinger-Jakoby, Eva Lang, Michael Birk Veranstaltungslogistik GmbH, Messe Frankfurt Team – Note: This is the 31st musikmesse for Jon Hammond and Joe Berger! See you next year folks!

Producer Jon Hammond
Language English

Jon’s archive



Jon Hammond Show 0506 Broadcast MNN TV Channel 1 air time 01:30 AM, 05/06 – first segment, jazzkeller “Czechoslovakian Salsa Song” musikmesse Warm Up Party – “The FINGERS…are the SINGERS!”
musikmesse “Warm Up Party”
Jon Hammond & Band

Jon Hammond – organ
Joe Berger – guitar
Peter Klohmann – saxophone
Giovanni Totò Gulino – drums

Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

Mr. Hammond has toured worldwide since 1991 using the incredible Sk1
organ by Hammond Suzuki..™ “Classic Hammond Sound…In A Suitcase!”

The Jon Hammond Show is a funky swinging instrumental revue, featuring
top international soloists. The show has universal appeal. Big Hammond
orgel sound – 100% organic

Jon Hammond’s equipment
Hammond Sk1 organ
powered by Markbass bass amplifier
special thanks Eugen and jazzkeller Team
black and white photographs courtesy of Elmar Lemes
Saray Pastanesi Frankfurt baked the beautiful chocolate chocolate birthday cake for Jon Hammond and his guests

Thank you to everybody for keeping this beautiful tradition going,
celebrating 31 consecutive years musikmesse Jon Hammond Joe Berger &
music composed by Jon Hammond ©JON HAMMOND International American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) as seen on The Jon Hammond Show MNN TV Channel 1
34th year of Jon Hammond’s cable TV show

Second segment, Musikmesse-Session in Jazzkeller Hofheim Lydia’s Tune Jon Hammond & Band – bossa nova tune from Jon’s first album, Peter Klohmann t.s., Giovanni Totò Gulino dr., Joe Berger g., Jon Hammond o.+b.- composed by Jon Hammond

Third segment, Melody Without Name Jon Hammond Band Jazzkeller Frankfurt – Note: Jon’s organ is powered by Markbass Bass Amps house combo bass amp only – Joe Berger guitar, Peter Klohmann tenor saxophone, Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond organ – this is Jon Hammond and Joe Berger’s 31st consecutive musikmesse traditional warm up party and Jon’s 64th birthday party with many friends in the house in world famous jazzkeller Frankfurt
Jon’s birthday Chocolate Chocolate Cake baked by the best bakery in Frankfurt Saray Pastanesi original composition by Jon Hammond ©JON HAMMOND International

Tribute, Lutz, Cannonball, Hamburg, Funky Jazz, NDR Horns, #Namm #Hamburg #musikmesse #MNNTV


Jon Hammond Show MNN TV

June 25, 2010
Jon Hammond at XK-1 Hammond Organ in concert a...
Image via Wikipedia


Jon Hammond Show MNN TV

This clip features Jon Hammond’s long-time theme song Late Rent with Jon’s studio band of Steve Ferrone drums, Barry Finnerty guitar, Todd Anderson tenor sax and Jon Hammond at the B3 organ with Video by LORI.

Then over to Frankfurt for Jon Hammond’s 24th consecutive year playing at the Frankfurt Musikmesse his annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party gig in the famous Jazzkeller Frankfurt, Jon Hammond Band playing When I Fall In Love and Introduction Pocket Funk with Hungarian tenor sax star Tony Lakatos, Giovanni Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar and Jon Hammond at the XK-1 organ and bass.
© 29 minutes
The Jon Hammond Show is on Public Access TV and Manhattan Neighborhood Network for 27 years.

View movie

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(133.2 M)512Kb MPEG4
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(2.3 G)MPEG4

All Files: HTTP


ASCAP Network, Cannonball, Frankfurt, Hammond Artist, Jazz Funk Soul Blues, Jazzkeller, HammondCast, KYOU Radio, Local 802 Musicians Union, Musikmesse, One More Time

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Cannonball 99 One More Time! Jazzkeller Frankfurt Jon Hammond Band

May 27, 2010
Jon Hammond at XK-1 Hammond Organ in concert a...
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*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:…Cannonball_99_inJazzkellerFrankfurtJONHAMMONDBand/OneMoreTimeCannonball99.m4v

Kevin Mauder He Plays Louder tenor saxophone P.Mauriat artist
Heinz Lichius drums from Hamburg
Joe Berger guitar from New York
Jon Hammond at XB-2 organ and bass lines from New York Hammond Artist
“Cannonball ’99…One More Time!” © Jon Hammond Intl., Inc. ASCAP

Sound Samples:
mp3 file size
Hammond’s Bolero
Jennifer’s Song
Cannonball 99 (One More Time)
Soon I Will Be Free
Thing In C Minor
Cosmo Lane
Remembering Stanley
Six Year Itch
F.P Blues
Czechoslovakian Salsa Song
Train Song
9/11 Tribute
Medley: America The Beautiful / Get Back In The Groove Bordeaux Gork Pop, at begining at end
This record marks a new beginning for me, and would like to dedicate it to all those who like myself are striking out on their own and going it alone. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. I did and now this record is for you!

On November 5th, 2002 at 11:00 hours I entered in to Studio “D” of UNIQUE RECORDING STUDIOS in Times Square NYC with my producer/engineer Joe Berger along with S.F.Bay Area musicians Ronnie Smith (drums) and Alex Budman (tenor sax). I had just come back from performing in Shanghai at the first MUSIC CHINA. My mission was clear…because of all our busy schedules and logistical problems, we had a 4 hour window to play down 13 of my original composition live to Pro Tools recording format with Joe Berger at the controls, ably assisted by Health Aiken.

From the first tune i knew that this would be my best record ever. Twelve of the tracks made this record and the 13th will be on the next record!

As I was telling the musicians…on this record each of us is larger that life. Iam very proud to feature the underiable pocket feel of Ronnie Smith, the great left-handed funk drummer from East Oakland. Also it is my pleasure to feature on the finest and most musical tenor saxophonists to come out of the Bay Area in a long time: Alex Budman. The incredible guitar work features my long-time partner Joe Berger (Ham-Berger Productions). Joe has played with John Entwistle, Vangelis and many greats, plus he is responsible for the fine sound of this recording and mastering Joe joined the band on tracks 1 & 3, title song Hammond’s Bolero and Cannonball 99.

Bobby and Joanne Nathan’s Unique Recording Studios was the perfect studio and environment for our live recording. Special thanks to Bobby and Joanne and the Unique staff!

I fired up the house HAMMOND organ and felt right at home immediately. Although we cut these tunes in one session, (a new speed record at Unique Recording Studios!). It took my whole life to refine my songs and get to this point where I was ready to record them…and ALSO to select musicians who could not only play their asses off, but are very nice cats who play my music with much enthusiasm and uplifting spirit. Like all bandleaders I have had more than my share of nightmare situations with “difficult” musicians so I am always happy when I can record and play with trouble-free musicians on the ban! These are the guys.

This was Ronnie’s first trip to New York City. The night before our session he and Alex went to hear the Village Vanguard Monday Night Bigband while I stayed home in my Times Square apartment preparing the music for the sessions.

I have plenty to be thankful for this year and so I would like to thank all of the people who helped me somehow to make this album of my compositions a reality. It’s been a long time coming even though we recorded it in record time. Please read my special thanks and if i somehow omitted your name and you know you belong on the list, please forgive me as my mind gets a little cloudy teh older I get, but I didn’t really forget even one person who has helped me on this long journey up to the release of “Hammond’s Bolero”. Now buy the record and come out to our gigs! Come by the bandstand and say hi, I’m easy to find…I’ll either be behind my HAMMOND organ or strapped in to my EXCELSIOR Accordion. As my friends from Russia and Ukraine say. “Nastarovya!” However you say it….here’s to your health and my romantic music here on this disc comes from our hearts to all people around the world in the international language of instrumental music…in the rhythm of life!

If you bought this album I would like to personally say “Thankyou!”…then, on the other hand, if you might be one of those who somehow weasled a free copy of “Hammond’s Bolero” off of me by telling us that we would get a gig or radio play, etc…I hope you’ll really come through! And if I catch you playing this in your restaurant or club and we still haven’t gotten a gig…expect to have the disc confiscated immediately by yours’ truly…it wouldn’t be the first time!

Enjoy the music everybody and the fine playing by my great musicians!”


hjon301: Hammond’s Bolero

Hammond’s Bolero
Jon Hammond
Jennifer’s Song
Jon Hammond
Cannonball 99 (One More Time)
Jon Hammond
Soon I Will Be Free
Jon Hammond
Thing In C Minor
Jon Hammond
Cosmo Lane
Jon Hammond
Remembering Stanley
Jon Hammond
Six Year Itch
Jon Hammond
F.P Blues
Jon Hammond
Czechoslovakian Salsa Song
Jon Hammond
Train Song
Jon Hammond
9/11 Tribute
Medley: America The Beautiful / Get Back In The Groove Bordeaux Gork Pop, at begining at end
Jon Hammond
Total Time

Cannonball, Jazzkeller, Hammond Artist, Kevin Mauder, One More Time, ASCAP Network, KYOU Radio, Local 802 Musicians Union, Frankfurt, Musikmesse, Jazz Funk Soul Blues

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September 4, 2009
“Cannonball ’99 (One more time!)” (Shuffle) performed by JON HAMMOND Band in New York City at CLEOPATRA’S NEEDLE Club: TIM ARMACOST (tenor sax), HEINZ LICHIUS (drums), JOE BERGER (guitar), JON HAMMOND (Hammond Organ/Bass) *JENNIFER-Camera Composed/Published: JON HAMMOND Intl., Inc./ASCAP Cannonball is a rollicking shuffle that I would like to dedicate to all those out there on the superslab with the hammer down driving cross-country. “Cannonball” means non-stop, coast to coast. I have driven more miles than most people will ever live to drive. I’ve seen 18 wheel trucks drive off the side of a mountain in black ice…drivers falling asleep at the wheel and angry people driving like idiots. Buckle up for safety, keep a CB radio and a cell phone in the car and please drive safely out there everybody! JOE BERGER joins us for a rockin’ solo on this one, ala ZZ TOP. He’s been cannonballin’ on the big-time tour busses with everybody from The WHO’s JOHN ENTWISTLE who we unfortunately lost last year, to boy band DREAM STREET. We call him the “Berger-meister”! HEINZ LICHIUS came all the way from Germany to kick us in the ASS on this gig and TIM ARMACOST’ big New York Tenor Sax sound is outstanding on this outting at the popular NY night spot. Jon Hammond is host of CBS Radio HammondCast on KYCY/KYOU 1550 AM

Cannonball, Heinz Lichius, HEINZ LICHIUS drums JOE BERGER guitar, KYOURADIO, XB-2 Organ, XK-3c, Tim Armacost, Hammond’s Bolero, HammondCast, KYOU Radio, Local 802 Musicians Union