Jon Hammond Band soundcheck

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Band soundcheck

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Sound Check Jon Hammond Band Arcada Theatre Gig for Gregg Gregory Gronowski St. Charles IL – Big Honor to play for Gregg Gregory Gronowski’s family last night with these great musicians – Samuel Jewell drums, Joe Berger, Steve Eisen tenor saxophone – yours truly Jon Hammond at the XK-5 Hammond organ – great to see everybody last night! – Jon Hammond

First part of concert last night in honor of Gregg Gregory Gronowski St. Charles, Illinois at Arcada Theatre
Last Night – Dedicated to The Gronowski Family – Lori Kypry Gronowski, Greg Gronowski, Jamie Gronowski Swichtenberg, Theresa Gronowski + Hammond Organ USA, Scott May, Steve Simmons, Suzuki Musical Instruments Big Thanks Ron Onesti Onesti Entertainment Corp. ©JON HAMMOND International American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP)

Producer Jon Hammond
Language English

Sound Check, In Loving Memory, Jon Hammond Band, Gregg Gronowski, Hammond Organs, XK-5 organ, Arcada Theatre, Onesti Entertainment, Steven Eisen, #HammondOrgan #XK5


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