Jon Hammond Quartet in Louisville Kentucky One Night Only

*WATCH THE MOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Quartet in Louisville Kentucky One Night Only

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LOUISVILLE KY: Jon Hammond Quartet, One Night Only

w/John Bishop guitar, Ronnie Smith Jr.-drmsLouisville guitarist John Bishop was finishing his Masters Degree in Music at University of Louisville so Jon Hammond took Bay Area musicians Ronnie Smith Jr. (drums), Alex Budman (t.s.) and his XB-2 Hammond organ to play what was originally supposed to be a live radio broadcast, 2 night-gig, turned in to One Night Only and John Bishop burned it up..he was mad at some of the hosers there at the University music program and at the club we were playing. Ronnie Smith Jr. is one of the very best Shuffle & Funk drummers of the Bay Area, Alex Budman on tenor sax and Organist/Leader & Broadcaster Jon Hammond playing theme song “LATE RENT” (a driving Shuffle) of The Jon Hammond Show TV Show and radio show “Jon Hammond’s Afternoon Slide” on CBS’ KYCY/KYOU M-F with the cats one-time-only in Louisville….next morning we met Fred Noe III “The Bourbon Ambassador” of Jim Beam Liquors flying out of Louisville/SDF. Spcl. thanks to Martin Z. Kasdan Jr. for the blurb in the paper…Club was PACKED…sold more CD’s after the show than ever before! *More info: ©2007
“The FINGERS…are the SINGERS!”

Jon’s archive

by Jon Hammond

Published April 13, 2016
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Topics Yachtklub, Hans Romanov, Frankfurt, Jon Hammond, Hammond Organ, Jj Guitars, Electro-Voice Speakers, Funky Jazz

Hans Romanov​ Presents: Jon Hammond Band Funk Sesion in Yachtklub​ Life “Czechoslovakian Salsa Song” by Jon Hammond – *Note: The Lutz Büchner Memorial Candle is burning onstage between Peter and Jon: video: Tino Pavlis​ – Joe Berger​ guitar, Peter Klohmann​ tenor sax, Giovanni Totò Gulino​ drums, Jon Hammond​ at the Hammond Sk1 organ – Audio: Johannes Napp​, Silvio Cappucci​

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Producer Jon Hammond
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Jon Hammond Alpha Experimentál

Jon Hammond with New Hammond XK-5 Top Secret Flexi-B at Frankfurt Musikmesse – Suzuki Musical Instruments Team

Hammond Flexi-B Top Secret Organ
with 9 contact keyboards! – Jon Hammond at musikmesse with Suzuki Musical Instruments Prototype Debut

Jon’s archive

Jon’s archive


Jon Hammond Band​ getting funky with Head Phone Live in Jazzkeller​ – Jon’s annual musikmesse​ Warm Up Party

Suzuki “The Name You Know” – Jon Hammond: L to R Shigeyuki Ohtaka, Masato Tomie (Suzuki Engineer / Guitarist of Black Market Band), Kiyota Yamauchi – Suzuki Musical Instruments

Frankfurt Magic Bus – VW Love Bus Green – Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond with Jan Kok – Hammond Europe

Jon Hammond with Alex Mingmann Hsieh – pmauriat Albest aka P.Mauriat saxophones trumpets of Taipei Taiwan

Go For The Sound – David and Eric P.Mauriat Music Team

Jon Hammond, Lee Oskar, Joe Berger

Jon Hammond, Roby Lakatos, Tony Lakatos, Joe Berger – Musikmesse 2016

Jon Hammond with Mrs. Suzuki

L to R Michael Falkenstein Hammond Germany, Bernie Capicchiano Bernies Music Land, Barrie Freeman Hammond Europe, Jon Hammond USA at han Mei Leng’s Selera Malaysian Restaurant Frankfurt am Main

Yücel Atiker and Hans Romanov Yachtklub Life – Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond – Yachtklub Life

Louisville Kentucky, Late Rent, Theme Song, #FredNoe #Louisville #FunkBand #HammondOrgan


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