SESSION In Jazz Spot Swing Taipei


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Jazz Session with Yasuhiro Futaoka (drums) Kenichi Toyoda (piano) Jon Hammond (organ)

– stage camera in Jazz Spot Swing nightclub Taipei Taiwan – Jon is playing the Hammond Sk2 of Mr. Nobuki Kuwahara, very fun session jazz standards and blues night before Jon flew back to USA from first visit to Taipei. Thanks to the wonderful musicians – Jazz Spot Swing!

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Jon’s archive

Messe Frankfurt — Fun Funky Session! LINK:
Fun Funky Jam Session in P.Mauriat Stand with lighting of very special good luck lantern gift at Frankfurt musikmesse with

P.Mauriat Saxophone Artists: Tony Lakatos, Arno Haas, Reiner Witzel – saxophones, and Jon Hammond at the organ – filmed in Full High Definition for HammondCast P Mauriat HQ Pmauriat Albest – Special Thanks to Alex Mingmann Hsieh and TecAmp for loaning the fine compact super-light bass amp with Neodymium speaker powering Jon’s organ — with Pmauriat Albest – musikmesse




Youtubes of every song we played in Auster Bar Hamburg going backwards Jon Hammond Band “Cooking at The Auster Bar” “Tribute to Cannonball – Mercy Mercy Mercy” “Tribute to Bobby Timmons – Moanin’ / Blues” “Late Rent – Them Song” “No X-Cess Baggage Blues” “Lydia’s Tune – Bossa Nova” “Pocket Funk” “Auster Blues and Jazz

Jon’s archive

Jon’s archive

Full High Definition Version:
Awesome Funky Jazz Tribute to Cannonball NDR Horns feature on Jon Hammond Band Auster Bar Jazz Series concert Hamburg Eimsbüttel.

Welcome Knut Benzner – NDR Redaktion!

NDR Horns on Jon Hammond Band: L to R Michael Leuschner t., Lutz Büchner t.s., Fiete Felsch a.s.

Funky Heinz Lichius drums, Michael Leuschner trumpet, Lutz Büchner tenor, Friedrich Fiete Felsch alto, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond organ + bass

Taipei Session, Jazz Spot Swing, Hammond Organ, Piano, Jon Hammond, Sk2, Kenichi Toyoda, Yasuhiro Futaoka, Nightclub, P.Mauriat, Superlux Taipei


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