Pocket Funk 2014 Musikmesse Warm Up Party

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Pocket Funk 2014 Musikmesse Warm Up Party

Jon’s archive https://archive.org/details/PocketFunk2014MusikmesseWarmUpParty

Pocket Funk 2014 musikmesse Warm Up Party
(In Higher Quality) Pocket Funk 2014 by Jon Hammond featuring Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Peter Klohmann tenor saxophone, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond organ – Jon’s annual musikmesse Warm Up Party in world famous jazzkeller www.HammondCast.com special thanks to Frank Pöhl for operating the camera – Jon Hammond Band – in Frankfurt Germany

Blip TV http://blip.tv/jon-hammond/pocket-funk-2014-musikmesse-warm-up-party-6781929

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYOd%2BE0C.x?p=1 width=”720″ height=”433″]

Youtube http://youtu.be/EBfKKz35OJo

Vimeo http://vimeo.com/89806629

Jon Hammond Band Facebook http://www.facebook.com/jonhammondband

©JH INTL ASCAP Jon Hammond International

Pocket Funk, Kleenex, Laundromat, Funky Jazz, Hammond Organ, musikmesse Party, Sk1 Keyboard, Suzuki musical instruments, jazzkeller, tenor saxophone, Peter Klohmann, Giovanni Gulino, drums, Jon Hammond


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