HammondCast with Lazy Larry Sports Report 41 Jon Hammond’s Weblog July 31 2013

*LISTEN TO THE AUDIO HERE: HammondCast with Lazy Larry Sports Report 41 Jon Hammond’s Weblog July 31 2013

Jon’s archive http://archive.org/details/JonHammondHammondCast41

Senior Vice President for Innovation, Strategy, and Technology at Berklee College of Music with Lazy Larry in David’s Berklee Office
both David and Larry are originally from Detroit Michigan – JH

HammondCast by Jon Hammond Today’s show a Saxophone Extravaganza with Bennett Friedman, Igor Butman, Marc Baum on the band. Also Bernard Purdie and OAKLAND A’s REPORT with LAZY LARRY! Swingin’ Funky Jazz & Blues of Organist Accordionist JON HAMMOND *Member Local 802 Local 6 Musicians Union

Notes http://facebook.com/hammondcast/notes

NAMM Show — Jon Hammond and Joe Berger Hammond Suzuki USA Booth Performance

– Ham-Berger on the grill action – high-power Leslie 3300 solid-state speaker and Guitar Leslie G37 combo amp — with Joe Berger and Hammond Organ USA at The NAMM Show

NAMM Show — Joe Berger and Jon Hammond at JJ Guitars booth in Hall E

— with Joe Berger and JJ Guitars at The NAMM Show

NAMM Show — Tom Bedell of Two Old Hippies and Jon Hammond – 2 Old Hippies! http://youtu.be/os8x7gHvck4
Tom Bedell speaks about the history of Bedell Guitars & the beginning of the Two Old Hippies store in Aspen, CO & in Nashville, TN

— at The NAMM Show

NAMM Show — Scott May and Jon Hammond kicking it off bright and early a couple of years ago

– JH — with Scott May at The NAMM Show

NAMM Show — This girl is losing her Zebra pants by golly!

Jon Hammond — at The NAMM Show

With 2 of the great Beards in the Biz – Lee Leland Sklar and Joe Berger – Jon Hammond *the beardless one

— with Leland Sklar and Joe Berger

Leland Sklar in Frankfurt Musikmesse playing one of Hans-Peter Wilmer’s Warwick basses, sounding real good Lee! Jon Hammond

— with Leland Sklar and Chester Thompson at Messe Frankfurt

Gabriel Navarre

Michael Golden

Jim Roberts

Vince Tividad

Roger Bell

Ethan Khan

Lewis Peralta

Jerome Scorpiochild Dickens

Andreas Meer

Javier Morgado Asensio

Henry Zambrano R

Beto Paciello

Niels de Kruijf

Ricardo Farías

Eric Fernandez

Linda Goodwin

Lisa Roy

Gary Tabbert

Roger Noonan

Evangelista Marc

Mike James

Marty Raymondo

Nicolas Longuet

Steffen Basta

Jerilyn Brandelius

Jenny Jarnagin

Randall Shaw

Paul Mouradjian

Gary Belniak

Larry Brooks

Max George

Laurie Frassinell Clark

Barry L Spence

Tom Riggs

Gary Wattman

Kenji Yamamoto

David Forman

Ron Moss

Jack Pursian

Mike Porelle

Frank Neigel

Kevin McGurk

Jane Frost

George Chmielewski

Ichiro Nitta

Maria Bran

Gus Velasquez

Valery Bashkov

Grateful Ted

Eran Maoz

Vincenz Vincent

Leah Esposito

Sebastian Hilgarth

Jeff Dressler

Steve Carns

Susana del Prado

Mike Howell

Steven Talac

Nomar Negroni

Ty Grimes

Gigi Manzi

Rob Weber

Cat Quill

Ralli Son

Wes Blanton

Bruce Shockley

Rock Deadrick

David Marks

Eric Vanderboor

Deano Cox

Tom Dorman

Luis Medina

Red Brown

Daniel Pagdon

Gil Maroko

Joseph Scott Shields

Debra Diane Ciccarelli

Mary Loury

Beat Markwalder

John Froebig

Katerina Artista Brock

Stuart Mitchell

Joyce Jacobs

David Sumeray

Daniel McCoy

William Ross

Dan Shurtleff

Bill Horvath

Chris Nashvillerocker DiMella

Rob Shore

Lucy Peng

Guillermo Descalzo

Martin Menard

Glen Scammell

Udo Marx

Kevin Stone

Shannon Kelly Titterington

Brad Marsh

Bonnie Newton Newman

Nice to come down in the lobby of arthotel Blaue Gans in the morning and see my gig from night before in Salzburger Nachrichten – Jon Hammond – News und Informationen aus Salzburg …

www.salzburg.com/ — in Salzburg, Austria

Airwolf Ride at Hamburg DOM – not recommended after dinner, awesome ride!

Jon Hammond — at Hamburg Dom

World’s Fastest Hammond Organ Setup – I can do it blindfolded!

Jon Hammond

Local 802 Birthday Party with Hammond organists Jon Hammond and Paul Shaffer – bandleader for The CBS Orchestra house band for Late Show with David Letterman – “Letterman consistently maintains that the show’s switch to CBS was because NBC “fired Paul for stealing pens”

— with Paul Shaffer at Roseland Ballroom

Champagne or Wine anybody ? ! – Jon Hammond & Joe Berger in Byntze!

Wer ein Stück echter „Byntze-Atmosphäre“ auch zu Hause genießen möchte, hat hier exklusiv die Möglichkeit den Original-Sampler der „Byntze 1318“ zu erwerben.

Die Musik des Hamburger Jazzkünstlers Prince Alec begeistert mit Ihrer ganz eigenen Interpretation moderner Jazzklänge und verleiht unserer Bar eine individuelle Note, die im Norden Ihresgleichen sucht. Bestellen Sie sich ein kleines Stück „Byntze 1318“ für zu Hause – zum Entspannen, Träumen und Genießen.
Ein ganz besonderer „Aperitif“:

Lassen sich Sie nach einem schönen Essen an der Alster von atemberaubenden Lichteffekten und der wohligen Wärme unseres Kamins begeistern. Edle Wein- und Champagnersorten warten darauf, in einer einmaligen Atmosphäre von Ihnen entdeckt zu werden.

Unsere Mitarbeiter beraten Sie gern! — with Joe Berger at Byntze 1318

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Summer NAMM Nashville Wrap Up Jon Hammond first blast from 2013 annual music trade show just wrapped HD 1080p

Jon’s archive http://archive.org/details/JonHammondSummerNAMMNashvilleWrapUpJonHammond

Welcoming remarks at grand opening party were made by Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM

Summer NAMM Nashville Wrap Up Jon Hammond’s first blast after returning to Summer NAMM Show in the brand-new Music City Center convention facility Downtown Nashville. A taste from the grand opening party presented by NAMM President CEO Joe Lamond the night before July 10th with very special guest Billy Cox and The Band of Gypsys Tribute to Jimi Hendrix. On Day 1 of 3 day show, Jon Hammond solo organ performance on the NAMM Stage in the massive lobby of Music City Center Jon’s song “Get Back in The Groove” with pictures of artist friends during intro of America The Beautiful, many great players attended and jammed including studio drummer Bernard Purdie reuniting with long time friends The Delgado Brothers jamming first thing 2nd morning on lobby stage on Delgados’ song “Man Without A Plan” – images throughout this clip group shots with Delgado Family, Jon Hammond played first time with one of the great Barber Brothers – Roland Barber trombone along with Joe Berger guitar

at Hammond Suzuki USA booth, images of the beautifully designed Music City Center and so much more will be forthcoming in a few days, the event was a huge success, nonstop music was the theme of Summer NAMM 2013, a great way to break in the new Music City Center – and NAMM will return there next year, the perfect home for this annual music trade show event, see you again next year folks!


Youtube http://youtu.be/xUf7gGxyjlc

Vimeo http://vimeo.com/70316182

Summer NAMM Nashville Wrap Up Jon Hammond from Jon Hammond on Vimeo.

Solo Organ Performance on NAMM Stage in the massive lobby of the new Nashville Music City Center http://www.namm.org/node/18761
2013 Summer NAMM Show – Performance: Jon Hammond
NAMM Foundation
SupportMusic — at Nashville Music City Center

Summer NAMM Booth Performance with special guest Roland Barber – trombone, Joe Berger – guitar, Jon Hammond – Sk1 organ, Hammond Suzuki USA Booth number 1012 – Nashville Music City Center

— with Joe Berger and Roland Barber at Nashville Music City Center

Group Photo Time in Hammond Suzuki USA Booth number 1012 –
L to R: Jennifer Landeros (with camera, Secretary of HSUSA), Joe Berger (unplugging gtr. to join photo opp.), Dr. Lonnie Smith, Yu Beniya Corporate Officer at Suzuki Musical Instruments, Shuji Suzuki President Managing Director of Suzuki Musical Instruments makers of Hammond Organs, Gregory Gronowski Director Sales and Marketing introducing XK-1c at Hammond Suzuki USA. Bernard Purdie, Jon Hammond –

2013 Summer NAMM Show Nashville Music City Center — with Joe Berger and 5 others at Nashville Music City Center

Jon Hammond and Joe Berger duo performance at Warwick Booth number 1144 – 2013 Summer NAMM Nashville Tennessee

— with Joe Berger at Nashville Music City Center

Joe Berger will now plug in his guitar and summon The Sound Police (our friend John) at the HIWATT Amps Booth – 2013 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville Tennessee – Jon Hammond

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